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Why I do What I do...

A picture of Nick at the summit of Macchu Picchu, in Peru.
I’m Nick Kubash, an artist and visual  designer. I was practically born with a pencil in my hand. I’ve been drawing for a long time. From napkins to large rolls of paper, I used to draw characters and vehicle orthographic views on anything I could find! I was told once that I am a storyteller who writes with pictures.
I discovered games and interactive media at a young age and, even early on, dreamed of an opportunity to marry my two interests in the form of a fulfilling career - where I could create imagery to visually inform my own worlds and those of others.
In high school, I spent my lunch hours in the art room - drawing. I also sought opportunities to learn more about my craft in extra-curricular creative programs such as those offered at the Ottawa School of Art.
I attended the Alberta College of Art and Design and studied Graphic Art, Character Design and Illustration, receiving my bachelor’s in 2012. From this well-rounded program, I honed my fundamental knowledge of art and design, improved my technical abilities and was exposed to mythic storytelling - the foundation of all cultural and narrative expression.
During my final semester, I sought inspiration for my work not just in a subjective vision of the future - as many designers do - but also in our ancient past. In my research, I found awe-inspiring beauty in great megalithic ruins, as well as their respective culture’s deep connection to and respect for nature.
Looking to the past for inspiration has informed my sense of design, as many ancient structures and stylistic endeavors are remarkably precise and often convey a beautiful and mysterious sense of awe. The manner in which different cultures visually express themselves provides a wealth of inspiration for my own creative endeavors.
I completed a two-year master's program in 2018 and since then, have worked with teams both in-house and remote. I now pursue my craft within varied artistic roles and have had experience creating for a range of project needs.
To be able to convey subtle beauty and deep meaning through designs ranging from simple to complex is a great challenge. However, I believe the forces that drive an artist can be seen reflected in the contours of their work. Those with vision beyond the norm; the source of which being truly timeless, reveal the best works.
A picture of Nick knocking on the door of an old building, in Ollantaytambo, Peru.


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Why Hire me for your project?

More than good artistry is needed for a project. Add those with true values to contribute to your creative endeavors.
These are a few of the guiding principles to which I adhere:


An icon representing Probity - two hands cradling a small group of people, with a hexagonal roof over their heads.
Holding myself to high standards of personal and professional integrity improves both the caliber of my work and quality of my relationships.


An icon representing Precision - a pen stylus placing a pixel on a surface, enclosed by a hexagonal shape.
I strive to make sure that every pixel is in the right place. Taking the extra time to ensure that things are done correctly is very important to me!


An icon representing Perfection - a hexagonal ribbon with a checkmark within it, surrounded by a pulse of energy.
I believe it is possible to achieve perfection, within the activities of life. And even if in its pursuit one falls short, excellence will surely be attained.

It’s people with vision beyond the norm, the essence of which being truly timeless, who reveal the best works.