Hand-painted, digital works to suit the needs of your project!

A large, tan half-orc barbarian readied for a fight. Adorned with well-crafted, gold lined armored plates on his forelimbs and a bare midsection, his garb appears like that of a holy crusader. He carries a large glowing hammer - it's head composed of magical flame.


Universe fitting assets to enhance any interface design.

Some UI artwork from an up-coming mobile title.


Interaction design to find solutions for user experience challenges.

UX Flow for a game called Aeses. It was to be a medieval style action game.


Concept design and matte painting to generate ideas + content.

A slice of a tall matte painting for the game Occupy Wallstreet's website. It's a post apocalyptic scene of a ruined city overtaken by a desert. Well armed bandits arrive at an old junkyard, in a hovercraft. They disembark at a factory turned mad max fortress as the sun sets.
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Skills adaptable to a range of needs...
...to generate engagement and return

Kubash Visual Design can create visual solutions for the following media:
An orange icon of a game controller


Concept + orthographies
Illustrations + graphics
Menu systems
Player HUD
An orange icon of a mobile phone and simple bar graph


User stories
UX greyboxing
Interface assets
An orange icon of a web browser and cursor


UX flows + wireframes
Interaction mockups
Website visuals
C.R.O assistance
An orange icon of an open book


Cover illustrations
Logos + typography
Copy writing + editing
Marketing materials


Quality Asset Packs

... with hundreds of hand-painted, high-detail emblems and iconography, ready for implementation in your game, app or site.

Studios + Clients

Link to the Joydrop studio website. A lowercase, thick, cartoony text logo with purple and blue text.
Link to the Cyber Arts Studio website. A circular logo with the stylized, gold letters "CA" in the middle, above the word" Studio"
Link to the High Quality Pixel website. A text logo with thin, white letters spelling the acronym: HQP
Link to the Burgos Games website. A bold, white text logo with letters spelling "BG" - a game controller makes up the negative space of the letter "B"
Link to the Sprung Studios website. A text logo with thin, white and grey text - a small spring icon above the text, enclosed in a white circle
Link to the Relic website. A text logo with thin, white letters spelling the acronym: HQP

Clients + Testimonials

What's it like to work with KVD?

Armando Randazzo client profile picture

Armando Randazzo

Game Designer, Sworn Company

"Working with KVD is always a pleasure. He is very organized, communicates well, and consistently provides an excellent product. I feel very lucky to have found him for my project. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for professional artwork or graphic design."
Ted Ludzik client profile picture

Ted Ludzik

Associate Producer / narrative Designer

Nick Kubash was a positive and eager co-worker who always brought a variety of original visual ideas that more than fulfilled the project’s needs. He was confident enough to advise us on the reasons behind his choices, which, as a non-artist, I truly appreciated.
Adrian Oliver client profile picture

Adrian Oliver

Sr. Producer + manager, Relic Ent.

Nick worked on a prototype project at Relic Entertainment with me, as an artist. We were unable to provide him with any baseline to start from, and very little support. Despite these difficult circumstances, he was able to create appropriate character and world art, under a very tight deadline.
Eric Fagnan client profile picture

Eric Fagnan

Creative Director, Praxia Entertainment

We loved working with Nick on our video game Beyond Sol. He is a passionate artist that cares for the work and the project. He went the extra mile for us many times to ensure we were happy with his work, supplying quality concepts at each phase of our project: prototyping, production, and final.


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